Peter Nørregaard Rasmussen

Chairman & Partner, Asia Base Law & Projects and Asia Base Research

With a BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of South Denmark, Peter began his business career in China in 1988, serving as sales and marketing manager for a large multinational corporation. From 1990 to 1994 Peter facilitated and managed the establishment of two multinational corporations in China.

Upon receiving his Masters Degree in Business Administration from National Taiwan University (in Chinese) Peter went on to establish Asia Base in 1994. He has since advised several hundred foreign companies on China market entry and strategy.

He was awarded "Businessman of the Year" by the Danish Chamber of Commerce in 2013 and HRH Prince Consort Henrik's medal of honor in 2014 for his contributions to development of Danish export and business in China.

Peter specializes in providing strategic advice to top level decision makers regarding China market entry and marketing strategies, focusing on how to handle emerging competition from fast-growing Chinese competitors.

Peter Nørregaard Rasmussen